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Being a Jeep owner is more than having a vehicle but being a part of a unique community.

The idea is to implement various executions that show how great it is to be a part of something special.


Be a Part, not Apart.


Magazine Centerfold:

Highlight that Jeeps usually always park together, even if they don't necessarily know each other. 

Magazine Centerfold:

Look closely and notice each parked Jeep is also a sticker for readers to peel off to take home as souvenirs.  


Lyft Partnership:

Often times more than one Lyft/car is needed when people go out, so why not have them wrapped to signify animals that travel in packs. 

Flash Mob:

Plan a flash mob in busy city areas, to create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and get people interested in Jeep.

Enrique Noval CW & AD
Daniel Townsend AD
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